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I am Akshdeep Kuar (an independent Hyderabad escort). Let's talk about life and physical intimacy openly. Yes, I do like to involve myself with someone who can understand my feelings as well as I am very emotional young girl who has her own feelings about physical intimacy.

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I am always excited meeting gentleman to cherish myself also as I am a human likewise you and I have my own feelings about getting closer. I would love if you initiate the kiss with gentle touch then go for a passionate one so that I can feel the sensation in my body as well. I also want to feel the ignition in my body that occurs when two people get closer to each other in the most private moments of life.

Emotion and Dedication

Being one of the professional yet emotional escorts in Hyderabad I know how to seduce man like as I love to flaunt myself in front of you and give you different poses to seduce you. I love to tease and play with you when we are alone in a dimly-lit room where a sweet fragrance is everywhere and rose petals are on the cozy bed.


I have very attractive physical qualities that other Hyderabad escorts feel jealous of. I have lovely curves that can ignite your senses within a minute. My hips and busts are watchable and give your eyes an amazing treat. I know you love women who have attractive figure. I maintain my body with yoga and exercise. You will see me in completely different avatar in the private moments as you will witness a strip show in revealing lingerie.

Postures & Moves

My different postures are erotic. Different kinds of postures enhance the lovemaking experience. It makes the entire physical intimacy cool. My moves are seducing and pleasing. We can talk before real action as we can go for a dinner date where we can enjoy the taste of delicious cuisine and talk what we like so that we can share best moments of life together.

Quality of offerings

I know the importance of foreplay. Foreplay includes kissing, fondling, teasing, touching, whispering and hugging. It increases the pleasure behind sexual intimacy. I am not like other escorts in Hyderabad who never consider the importance of hygiene and safety precautions. My Hyderabad escorts services are based on quality offering which includes satisfaction and pleasure for my clients at any cost.